Write a Essay from an "Article"

Instructions for the first paper: pick a point that White makes in his “article” and critically evaluate it. This paper does not require outside research. Instead, you should focus on White’s argument. Pick a point that he makes and explain it in your own words, then say what you think about it, and whether you think the point is correct 

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Follow this: 

you will take a point from White’s Article and discuss and assess it from your own point of view. 

First, explain one of Lynn White’s main claims and the support he provides, then evaluate it analytically. For example, do you agree or disagree and why?

Then, and most importantly, provide some evidence or support for why the reader should agree with your view on the point. 

Helpful for you:

1. You should look at the class notes what I send you, so you can get keywords from there.

2. MLA format, [introduction-Thesis statement -Body-Conclusion]

3. Try to use some “quotation” from the article.