State Level Data Analysis of Student Performance – Colorado

 Using Standards to Guide Learning and Performance.

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Use the Colorado Department of Education School View website –or your  state or country’s resources instead — to analyze district- or  school-level student growth data, in at least one grade level and  content area, to determine student performance strengths and weaknesses.

For this assignment, present the findings in a 1-page professional  summary for community stakeholders, including a graph of the data. In  addition, complete a 1-2 page reflection of your actions that includes  challenges and successes around your learnings from this week. Support  your actions with 2-3 research-based practices (e.g., the student  achievement data, communicating with parents, etc).

Combine both requirements into one document to submit for feedback.

Ensure your assignment is well written, organized and adheres  to  Writing and APA Requirements. Remember to add a  formatted title page  and APA formatted Reference page (if sources are cited) to all of your  Critical Thinking assignments

The Colorado Growth Model is an example of one state’s way to explore  growth and achievement of Colorado Districts and Schools based on state  assessment results.  View the Colorado Growth Model Quickstart pdf on  how to interpret available public student achievement data:

The Colorado Growth Model

Then access Schoolview to practice interpreting District performance results on state assessments:


If you reside in or want to teach in another state or country, consider  exploring the resources available for performance data in that specific  state or country.

Read pages 8-10 of the Guide to Using Data in School Improvement Efforts   (Learning Point Associates, 2004) which focuses on the different tiers  of assessment data.  

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