Risk Management Unit VI DB

Unless otherwise indicated, there is a 300 word minimum essay response required for Essays #6 and #7 only. Credible reference materials, including your course textbook(s), may be used to complete the assessment. If you have questions regarding the credibility of your reference, please contact your professor. APA Information In-text and reference citations are required for all  written responses. REQUIRED FOR UPLOADED ASSIGNMENTS ONLY:  title page, margins, header, double spacing, and hanging indentation For questions concerning APA formatting, please refer to the APA

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Course Textbook APA Citation:



 Jensen, R. C. (2012). Risk-reduction methods for occupational safety and health. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.



Discussion Board 


How would you describe the safety culture in your current (or a past) organization? If you were given the opportunity, what is the first thing you would do to start improvements?