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Refund Policy

At all our customers are special to us. When you succeed, we succeed as well. Consequently, all our prices are usually backed by a money guarantee.

Our team guarantee 80% and above on all the tasks we offer. However, if the requirements are not met, which is something that rarely occurs, the following refund policy applies:

Grade                           Refund

80% and above           No refund

70-79%                         10% refund

60-69%                          50% refund

59% and below             100% refund

Our Refund Process

Our refund process is not hard, and it usually takes less than seven days if you help us through.

Please note:

It is not recommended to request charge-backs via our payment processor. This is because we have no control it will take to receive your refund, and it might cost more in the end.

Ensure that you follow the process as it is the quickest to help solve your issue.

These are the steps:

1. When you are not satisfied with the work done (ensure that you offer a credible reason) communicate to our support team.

2. Once the support Representative receives your issue, they will forward it to the dispute department.

3. The dispute resolution will assess the case and check if the problem is in your favor or in support of the writer.

4. If the issue is ruled in your favor and that it qualifies for a refund policy, the refund amount shall be credited to your account.

5. After it is credited, you should decide to use it as credit for a future task or decide to withdraw it once the amount is sent to you via your payment option.

The refund is done within seven days of notification.

When the client cancels the order, it attracts a 10% charge on the amount paid.


You ought to understand before to receive any refund; you must provide valid proof that the grade on the task delivered is as stated within the 30 days from the date you made your order.

We look forward to assisting you!