project 2

Due Week 3: Scope Statement 

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Prepare a scope statement using either the model on pages 144-145 in the text as a template or the scope template in Doc Sharing. Remember to be tangible, measurable, and specific. Be sure to include all sections required in the Practitioner section of the Week 2 Lecture.

Deliverables:Project scope statement (in MS Word)      TABLE 5.2  Elements in a Comprehensive Statement of Work



Date Submitted


Revision Number


Project Name


Project Identification Number


SOW Prepared by:

 1.  Description and Scope a.  Summary of work requested b.  Background c.  Description of major elements (deliverables) of the completed project d.  Expected benefits e.  Items not covered in scope f.  Priorities assigned to each element in the project 2.  Approach a.  Major milestones/key events anticipated











 b.  Special standards or methodologies to be observed c.  Impact on existing systems or projects d.  Assumptions critical to the project e.  Plans for status report updates f.  Procedures for changes of scope or work effort 3.  Resource Requirements a.  Detailed plan/rationale for resource needs and assignments



Role and Rationale












  143 144 b.  Other material resource needs (hardware, software, materials, money, etc.) c.  Expected commitments from other departments in support d.  Concerns or alternatives related to staffing plan 4.  Risks and Concerns a.  Environmental risks b.  Client expectation risks c.  Competitive risks d.  Risks in project development (technical) e.  Project constraints f.  Overall risk assessment g.  Risk mitigation or abatement strategies 5.  Acceptance Criteria a.  Detailed acceptance process and criteria b.  Testing/qualification approach c.  Termination of project 6.  Estimated Time and Costs a.  Estimated time to complete project work b.  Estimated costs to complete project work c.  Anticipated ongoing costs 7.  Outstanding Issues

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