Phyllis Young 2


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Our environment is really important. We need to understand it and then would we be able to look after it. To manage our natural environment responsibly, governments, industry and the community need detailed, trusted and timely environmental information.

Good information is essential to make sound decisions (individually and/or collectively) on issues affecting our environment.

View/review information in the below attached power point then answer questions that follows prompt!

Week 2 Env. Samp ppt(2).pptx 

Questions Give 2 definitions of “Environment”? Give 4 reasons why we are so concern about the Environment? Give 2 definitions of Pollution? Give 5 effects of pollution on Human? Give 5 effects of pollution on Animals Give 5 effects of pollution on plants, fruits and vegetables? Explain pollution effects on outer space? (what is the name of the effect) Explain Urban Pollution? Explain outer space pollution?