Organism Current Event Paper

My organism is the hammerhead shark. 

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My current event is:

Formatting Specifications-Times New Roman or Arial (typed), 12-point font, include cover page and literature cited (see formatting information below), 1-inch margins with numbering starting on the second page (i.e. do not number the cover page). The cover page should include a descriptive title, your name, the name of this course (MSCI 1810K Marine Biology), Instructor’s Name (Dr. Sue Ebanks), and submission date. Double-spaced. This document must be long enough to address the following components, estimated 3-5 pages, not including Literature Cited section:

-Taxonomy and status. Include the scientific and one common name.

-Brief description of the morphological, behavioral, and ecological characteristics as well as life history. In other words, morphology, behavior, and ecology may vary depending on the stage of development (embryo, larval hatchling, newly born, juvenile, adult). 

-Next, summarize the current event that is associated with your animal.  The event (new discovery, anthropogenic event, or other) must be within the last 15 years, thus approximately 2004-2019).

-As a closing, complete the following prompt: “If I were to study this organism, I would study…” and in that, tell a specific scientific question that you would study AND how you would study it (procedures, including sampling).