journal 2


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Assignment due: NOTE: This week’s journalling requires 48+ hours of observations, then research and reflection. Please don’t wait until the last minute! Part A: By 11:59 pm Wednesday* — See assignment instructions (linked above). Part B: By 11:59 pm Friday* — Optional:  Expand on your original post, in light of further investigation and  reflection. “Thread” your updated post to your original one, by replying  to it.

*Work should be completed and submitted far sooner than this. PEER REVIEWS will automatically appear after the Wednesday deadline. Please  read, reflect on, and respond to the posts assigned to you — and more  if you wish! One paragraph of connection/reflection and constructive  criticism* for each should suffice. This is an opportunity to connect  with classmates. Due by Friday night. 

*1. helping to improve; promoting further development or advancement ( Q