Industrial and Hazardous Waste Questions

I need both questions answered. Each question has multiple questions in it and it has to have 250 words essay as a min. With references.

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1. Your company operates a distillation column to reclaim solvents to be reused in the manufacturing process. The bottoms coming off of the column are viscous and have a high COD value. What are two hazardous waste treatment processes that you would recommend to use to treat this hazardous waste? Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each process (consider looking at the web sites of manufacturers of these technologies as well as other technical resources) and choose one of the technologies based on your comparison.

2. You are an EHS manager of a specialty chemical company that makes chemical intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry to use in the production of medicines. The local permitting authority will soon require you to pretreat your wastewater in an onsite biological treatment system prior to discharging the wastewater to the local municipal wastewater treatment facility. Select a biological system (lagoons, conventional treatment plants, sequencing batch reactors, anaerobic systems, etc.) to install and state three reasons why you selected it as your first choice. For each unit operation that you did not select, give the reasons why you choose not to use it.