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Final Presentation

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This week, your final presentation is due.  For the presentation, summarize your research and create a 5-minute presentation using PowerPoint.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Using your paper as a starting point, summarize the main findings of your research.
2. Using PowerPoint, create a presentation summarizing the main findings of your research.
3. Using a computer microphone, record your narration directly into PowerPoint. When you are finished, you should have a 5-minute presentation.
        a. Click here for directions on how to record audio in PPT.
4. When you are finished, upload the PowerPoint file to the Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59 PM (Mountain). 

How many slides should I have in my PowerPoint presentation?
You should use as many or as few slides as you feel necessary to convey the main points of your presentation.

How should I design my PowerPoint presentation?
While the design of the presentation is completely up to you, it is strongly recommended that you utilize the Presentation Zen style created by Garr Reynolds. For more information on Presentation Zen, please check out this site.

Where can I find stock photography for my presentation?
Finding good images can be a challenge. Often times the best way to find images is to conduct a simple Google Image search. In addition, there are several good free stock photography sites that have high quality images.  Check out Smashing Magazine for links to some of these sites.

How do I record audio narration in PowerPoint?
For directions on how to record your audio narration in PowerPoint, check out this site.

Be sure to properly cite your images and slides by adding a Works Cited slide at the end of your presentation.

Check out the Final Presentation Rubric to find out how you will be evaluated.