: How can you make a difference?

UA 1171 – SPRING 2017 Contemporary Issues in Designing and Managing Sustainable Cities Assignment 2: How can you make a difference? Considering the topics discussed in class this semester, briefly explain how your major, future job prospects or profession might engage in sustainability and/or resilience strategies. If this seems something of a stretch for you, please select a topic that you found most interesting and write a short essay about what you have learned. I have arranged the lectures by topic and listed them below. Things to consider: 1) What topic in the course did you find most interesting? 2) Within this topic, what would you like to understand more about? Try to answer any questions you have. 3) How could you envision being directly involved with some aspect of sustainability within your field or profession? 300 word minimum Due Monday May, 1. 2017 @ 5:00 Part 1 • Sustainability: An Introduction • Ecology and Limits to Growth • The New Normals Part 2 • Energy Systems • Alternative Energy Systems Part 3 • The Politics of Climate Change • Resilience Part 4: • Industrial Modernization • Cradle to Cradle Part 5 • Green Architecture Part 6 • Water: Philadelphia’s “Green City – Clean Water” Plan Plan 7 • Food Systems Part 8 • Urban Agriculture

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