Global Communication


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Search the Web for 1 job posting or advertisement from 4 different multinational corporations.

You must choose a posting at a corporation in each of the following countries:

q United Arab Emirates

q China

q Israel

q Mexico

The 4 job postings selected must satisfy the following requirement: Each posting must be for a similar position.

· For example, job openings for an accountant, a secretary, and a director of marketing will not be accepted.

· It would be acceptable to choose, for example, a director of marketing position from each of the 4 corporations

Discuss what the differences are with each of the countries when it comes to writing a e-mail of interest, a cover letter and a resume with each of the four countries. There are quirks with each country. Write two to three paragraphs on this.

For one of the countries, prepare the following for the job posting as if you were submitting a real application:

ü An e-mail with a statement of interest (150–200 words)

ü A cover letter (500–850 words)

ü A resume (250–350 words)

(Look at the reference sites given in chat for some help on this part of the assignment or you can Google for some other sites)

Provide the link to each job posting.

NOTE: Be aware of the guidelines for writing international letters in English and the different formats used in each country

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