Four questions-250 words. No references or citations are necessary. Environmental


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Each section 4.1-7.1 (four questions) must be at least 250 words. No references or citations are necessary.

4.1  Imagine that you are responsible for selecting an air pollution control system for your facility. Discuss what pieces of information you would need to gather to make that determination. Why is this information important to making the right selection?

5.1 Describe the carbon cycle and the ways in which humans are impacting the cycle. Do you think that enough is being done to mitigate the potential consequences of climate change?

6.1 Imagine that you are an IAQ manager and responsible for conducting IAQ investigations for the building in which you work. As the IAQ manager, you are also responsible for using your judgement to determine when a formal investigation is initiated from a complaint. What criteria would you set for yourself in making that decision? If an investigation is done, what are the elements of an indoor air quality investigation? How would you assess whether or not your mitigation efforts have been successful?

7.1 Describe the debate surrounding the Clean Power Plan. Do you think the plan should be implemented? Why, or why not? How would your community be affected by it if it were implemented?