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Project Management

“Motivation and Incentive Systems” Please respond to each of the following:

Determine      how managers can utilize an evaluation and incentive system to motivate      project teams of selectionist (sub) projects.  Describe      one of the three principles that can be used in the integration of (sub)      projects and relate it to your own project experience or to a project that      you know about through current readings.  Discuss a      project that you have seen in your local community or state (e.g.,      playground construction, school construction, road or highway      construction, etc.) and discuss what steps were used to integrate the      different parts of this project. 


International Politics

Respond to each of the following two questions – ensure to provide a reference for each topic. This weeks DQ will be doubled the points so be sure to double the effort! (No less than 200 words per question)

“National Security” Please respond to the following:

The conclusion of the Cold War seemed to decrease the security problems of the world’s major powers. However, radical Islam created new, unexpected threats, including the 9/11 attacks. This demonstrated that all countries must always be on guard for the unexpected.

Select      any two of the four basic strategies used to preserve security. Identify      and describe what assumptions are made about the opponent according to      each of the two strategies you chose. Give      an example of each of the two (2) strategies in current world politics and      speculate on their effectiveness.

“The Rise of China” Please respond to the following:

“Let China sleep,” warned Napoleon, “for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” Napoleon’s prediction is now coming true, as China’s economic growth has helped aid in its climb to power.

Describe      the principal effects of China’s increasing prosperity on U.S.– China      relations. Explain      whether you believe the rise of China as a super power will positively or      negatively affect the U.S. Explain your answer.

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