ENV 315 Week 1 Conservationist Versus Agriculturalist

Resources : Tox Town Farm and Ch. 2 & 4 of The Human Impact on the Natural Environment.

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Review the Tox Town Farm materials located on the student website. A conservationist has complained about the methods used on this farm. Roll your mouse over the various areas of the farm. Click on each area to discover the associated environmental concerns.

Write a 350-word letter from the conservationist’s point of view. Identify six negative effects the farm has on the environment. Explain how the farm is altering the physical environment, including vegetation and soil quality.

Write a 350-word plan, acting as the farmer. Use The Human Impact on the Natural Environment text to identify methodologies that may alleviate the conservationist’s concerns. Explain the process of implementing the new methodologies, including cost-related issues.

Format the letter and plan consistent with APA guidelines.



Scored: 4.9/5