Case Study two pages APA Format Green label research-Three Citations and intext citation

Research three “green” labeling programs on the internet. Consult the Federal Trade Commission’s Environmental Claims:

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Summary of the Green Guides 

( to assess the quality of the labels you find. Write a two-page case study that answers the following question for each label:

What are the standards associated with the label?

How does a product or company get certified?

Do you think that this label is legitimate? Why, or why not?

Does the label comply with the FTC’s Green Guide for environmental claims? Point out specific points in the Summary to  which the label does or does not comply. Would the presence of this label influence your purchasing decision?

Provide an APA-formatted reference for each green label you research, the summary of the Green Guides, and any other reference you use.  Title page and reference page are not included in the paper length.