Best of Best: Assignment 4


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Directions : Please provide a response to each of the following questions using APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Each response must be at least one paragraph in length consisting of three to five sentences.




1.      What parts of a home make up the building envelope?  What is the building envelope’s purpose?




2.      What are the main building envelope issues that are addressed during weatherization?




3.      Describe the importance of insulation as part of the building envelope.  Where is the best place to install it?




4.      Identify and describe the four types of insulation errors that are most common in homes.




5.      Name ways to weatherize a roof.




6.      Name three different types of windows and how they function.




7.      Identify and describe factors that contribute to window performance.




8.      Specify ways to weatherize windows.




9.      Distinguish between thermal bypass, thermal bridging, and a thermal break.




10.    List steps that are commonly taken to weatherize manufactured homes.