2nd Current Event Critique

As we continue to explore topics as a detective investigating concepts in being a scholar we need to include important subject matter for readers to understand further the topics we address. In this activity, you again are the detective! To use a source effectively, you will need to understand everything you can about it, including the subject matter, the author, the relation of the author to the subject they’re writing about, what the source says, and so on. 

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Instructions: Choose one current event and respond to the questions listed below. The critique should be a full one-page with 1 inch margins, double spaced, and proper paragraph and sentence structure (No text lingo!). After you have completed writing your critique, upload it in the assignment submission by clicking the words above: 2nd Current Event Critique.

What is the name of your current event?  Describe your initial thoughts about how your event relates to or impacts Texas? 

What event/topic is the author writing about and what is their main argument? 

Who was the author/creator of this document/source and how are they related or qualified to talk about the event or topic? 

Why do you think the current event needed to be written? 

How credible is the author on their subject and what are some potential biases they may have had? 

Describe whether your event has or may cause any controversial issues?

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