2 Assignments Political Since

Assignment #1
Go to the two following websites:

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On the White House Home Page  on the TOP Right Cornera are the words: OUR GOVERNMENT. Click and select The Constitution. Please read this entire web page.

On the Wikipedia website, enter U.S. Constitution into the search engine that is located on the Top Right Corner. This is a longer reading assignment, however you must read all the contents on this webpage.

Be sure to do all reading and answering the questions. You will be responsible to answer 4 questions after readings.

1-What are the fundamental shortcomings regarding to the articles confederation and perpetual union?

2-compare & contrast the political philosophy between john Locke and Thomas Hobbes

—————————— —

3-the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution sets out the origin, scope, and purpose of the Constitution, summarize the scope and purpose.

—————————— –

4-Who wrote the Federalist Papers and what was their purpose?

Week #1 Assignment     (worth  10 points) Students are to go to the following website: www.topdocumentaryfilms.com

On the Home Page, find in the Upper Right Hand Corner the Search Engine. Please enter:

After Democracy, then click enter.  Select the video and watch in its entirety. This film is approximately 48 mins in length. It is very important that you watch this video. There will be 4 questions to answer.       

1-What dose the video suggest about government and revolution


2- dose democracy have a historical inevitability according to the video? Describe in detail


3-Compare & contrast the differences between western and eastern democracy


4-Explain the vision of democracy as abstract and/or containing certain characteristics

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